Print Prices

Verified On 08/03/2021.

Other sizes available for all prints.

Examples of print sizes and quality may be seen at our studio anytime.

Package Prices

Looking to get more than just a few prints at a time?

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Speciality Items

We don't offer just prints!
We have several speciality items that can be really make your photo stand out!

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We very seldom change our prices, but nonetheless, this page is updated automatically to reflect any changes - Even though they are more than likely the same as they were last month. We are able to keep our prices lower than other photographers because we keep our monthly overhead lower. Our prices haven't changed in the last 13 years and our returning clients love that!

Session Fee

Our fee for most sessions is $40.00. This includes up to 4 hours of in-studio or on-location shoot time. This session price does not apply to weddings, events, or commercial sessions.

Standard Print Sizes

 Standard  Enlargements  
 Passport$1.50 11"x14"$25.00 
 3.5" x 5"$1.50 16"x20"$46.00 
 4"x6"$1.75 16"x24"$50.00 
 5"x7"$2.50 20"x24"$54.00 
 8"x10"$16.00 20"x30"$59.00 
 8"x12"$18.00 24"x36"$65.00 

Non-Standard Print Sizes

We are able to have photos printed as small as 2"x2" or up to a maximum size of 30"x120" (That's 2.5 feet by 10 feet!)

CD/DVD / Digital Media / Direct Download

Don't need physical prints? No problem! We are able to transfer your digital images to a USB thumb drive or Micro SD Card for your tablet/phone. Find out more about our digital images options here.