What We Cover For Weddings

And what makes us stand out.


Your Engagement session can be scheduled as far in advance of the ceremony as you would like. We prefer to go someplace meaningful to you, however, we have several locations throughout the area to suggest and are totally open to suggestions as well. If you would rather the more traditional look for the photos, we can shoot them in the studio without any problem.


Bridal Portraits are done specifically of the bride in her gown. This is the photo that many people hang on the wall and cherish for years to come. Although generally the bride is the only one in the shot, we respect everyone's wishes and will include whomever you want!

These photos can be done anywhere, from a very peaceful setting such as a a park or backyard, inside a historical building or even on the steps of the church. Depending on your location, personal interest or preference, we can suggest some places for these are well or go with an idea you have.

*If you are interested in having these done but do not want to wear your gown before the wedding or wish for the groom to be in them as well, these can be done anytime after the ceremony.


You tell us what time you would like us to arrive on the day of your wedding, up to 2 hours before the ceremony, and we'll photograph both the Bride and the Groom - from getting your hair and makeup done, to trying to figure out how to tie a tie, and every little candid moment that should be remembered forever. Again, both of us will be present with our cameras, so there's no awkwardness.


We'll be on location no less than 30 minutes before the scheduled ceremony starting time, and will stay on location at least 30 minutes after the ceremony. Every special moment from walking down the aisle to the group shots after the ceremony, we'll capture everything with the detail that your ceremony deserves.

We will NOT cut anything short if the time runs over, we're not that picky. We'll be there before the ceremony to get shots of the location and decorations and we'll stay after the ceremony to do all the group shots, regardless of how long it takes.


From the first dance, to the last dance, start to finish, we'll shoot every part of the reception that most Brides and Grooms never see because of everything else that's going on. With both of us there, we're sure to get all of the joy and emotions of this one time event so that you can focus more on how much cake to apply to the other person's face!

1 Year Anniversary

We enjoy being in contact with our clients, even after the ceremony is over with. As anyone that's worked with us before knows, we are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us is nothing less than perfect. As our way of saying 'Thank You' for letting us be part of this special part of your life, we offer a 1 year anniversary session, at no cost or obligation.

 Additional Perks Included With All Weddings

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